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Help District 5 communities maintain their unique identities and character while protecting our rural quality of life.

I moved to Amador County decades ago because of its history, culture, small-town quality of life, and natural environment. I appreciate the contributions of all who have made our county what it is, from native people to old-time families to newer arrivals.

Local residents should determine our local communities' futures. Our District 5 communities share small-town quality of life and a rural environment, yet they vary in their history, cultures, and needs.


Action plan:

  • Ensure that new development does not sacrifice our scenic beauty, agricultural and timber lands, and rural character.

  • Celebrate, promote, and work to preserve our area's natural recreation opportunities.

  • Meet with Shenandoah Valley residents and businesses to explore developing a local, specific plan that protects agriculture, ensures public safety, and maintains residents' quality of life while keeping the wine industry thriving.

  • Involve River Pines and Pine Grove residents in implementing the town centers included in the county general plan.

  • Meet with Fiddletown residents to explore developing a community plan to protect historic and scenic resources, rural quality of life, and agriculture.

  • Lead in resolving issues and mediating community conflicts.

  • Honor our district's sense of place and history; encourage our "get 'er done" community spirit. We are best when we work together.


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