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I am proud to endorse Andrea Macon for Supervisor of District 5 in Amador County.

I met Andrea in late September 2015 while Laughton Ranch was running a rescue operation for animals during the Butte Fire. She was one of the first people to show up. She asked what was needed and how she could help. "How are you getting word out about what supplies and equipment you need?" she asked. It was word of mouth at that point, I told her. She said she would be back shortly and left.

A half hour later, she arranged to have two large easels and whiteboards loaned to us from her office and supplied new erasable markers to write down our daily needs. We used those two white boards every day at the bottom of the driveway, for the duration of the Butte Fire, so when people drove up to see what was needed, or what they could do, it was right there on the boards. Andrea doing that freed up two people who were solely talking to all the individuals who showed up to ask what was needed -- at that time there were probably 50 people stopping by each day.  Later that week, she made and delivered 40 or so lunches to help feed the volunteers.

At the same time, we had no internet capability at our shop, which was turned into what we called the "war room" to dispatch trucks and trailers to locations where they could rescue animals. Andrea immediately called her friend, who came right over and ran a line between the ranch house and the shop, and within an hour, we had three folks on computers set up dispatching people as the calls started rolling in. It was not the final internet connection that was set up, but it was the first and quickest way to get up and running.

Quick, smart, decisive thinking is what Andrea showed us that day. That is what is needed on the board of supervisors now as well. It’s time for change.

  • The current supervisor for District 5 originally voted for the disastrous Health and Human Services Building re-negotiated lease. This will cost the taxpayers, by Brian's own admission, over 7 million dollars between 2022 and 2027, which is the cost of the extra 5 years of rent on a lease that the board could have gotten out of in 2015. Instead they renegotiated the lease and took out the early termination clause for a one time, paltry, 400 thousand dollars payment. What were they thinking? Seven million dollars is about 7 3/4% of the county's currently proposed budget of 90 million.

  •  The current supervisor for District 5 has recused himself more times than I can count. Andrea will not have to recuse herself on any Indian casino matters, and one casino has already broken ground in Buena Vista, which will involve many talks with the Board. The Plymouth casino may also become a reality, and if it does, we need Andrea on the board with other supervisors to help negotiate the ISA and many other agreements with the tribes. Supervisor Oneto cannot be involved with any discussions on either casino, due to conflict of interest, because of owning properties in close proximity to both casinos.

  •  Supervisor Oneto even questioned whether the term "squaw" was actually offensive when the Washoe Tribe asked for the name of Squaw Ridge to be changed to Hungaleti Ridge. (Amador Ledger-Dispatch November 22, 2017) The speaker for the Washoe tribe said the tribe asked for the change because they believed the term was derogatory and demeaning to the women of their tribe.

  •  Supervisor Oneto and other supervisors who are no longer in office ridiculed not one, but two grand juries who reported findings that he and other supervisors didn't like regarding their activities while in office. These were just ordinary folks like you and me, working on grand juries with no axes to grind…  then to be treated poorly by Oneto and others on the board was not right.

If you live in District 5, you need a supervisor who doesn't recuse themselves every other meeting, and treats the taxpayers with respect. Someone who works for everyone, not just the connected few. That person is Andrea Macon, and I encourage you to use your vote wisely, and vote for Andrea Macon!

Thank you.


Jim Laughton

Laughton Ranch, Jackson

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