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MAILERGATE? Who is trying to manipulate our local election?

It seems powerful and influential people from outside our county are attempting to manipulate our local election.

Last week, some voters in District 5 received a particularly offensive and inaccurate color mailer -- a direct hit piece on me. (Brian Oneto disavowed that mailer, and assured me that he had no knowledge of it.)

Apparently District 3 also received a mailer from the same organization. Since I originally posted about this, quite a few people have asked for more information about the sender. I did some research, as reported below. You can trace the links if you want to learn more for yourself.

The return address on both mailers is Taxpayers for Good Government (TGG), 5802 Robertson Ave, Carmichael, CA 95608. A search returned information on both that entity and Environmental Safety Alliance (ESA) although both are actually listed at 5804 Robertson Avenue (see links below for the incorporation papers and more details on who they are).
The Directors of these two organizations are:

Steve Nicolaou – 445 W 11th St, Suite C Tracy, CA 95376
John Stoos – 2117 48th St. Sacramento, CA 95817
Scott Winn – 2319 Otto Drive, Stockton, CA 95209…
Dr. Robert Johnson – 3407 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA 95825 (old address)
Andre Feliz, MD – 1840 Westminster Court, Carmichael, CA 95608
Pastor John Stoos – 4246 2nd Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95825…

There is quite a bit of interesting information online regarding all of these Directors. Of note, John Stoos worked for Tom McClintock. John Feliz was McClintock’s campaign manager.…/john-stoos-elder/

Note the Feliz last name. An address search reveals that John Feliz and Andre Feliz have shared the same address in Carmichael.

There are so many overlapping organizations, addresses and people in this mess, that it would be a long journey down the rabbit hole to track it all down. However, what I did find interesting is that John Stoos and John Feliz also appear to be linked to an organization called Citizens for the California Republic which was originally incorporated by Tom McClintock.…

I hope you will ignore the outsiders who want to control our local government and vote your conscience on June 5. Thank you.

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